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Nkani ya ma Internet Bundle (Internet Bundle Talk)

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The new internet bundles from internet service providers are not very wallet friendly lately and have people stressed out about what they should decide to use, or not use, them for. We personally feel the pinch all the time having to do our entire job online.

Worry not, we have some tips on how you can save your bundle and maximize its use.

Look at your device, what apps are running right now? Go to your task manager and close some applications that you are not using like Facebook  and web pages. Those chew up your data more than other apps because they have a continuous  download of photos and pop up ads.

Next, avoid YouTube. Like really. The video quality or length of most video clips require a huge amount of data to be streamed so those eventually finish your bundle. YouTube does not make this any easier with all it’s ‘recommended for you’ videos on the right side of your PC screen that tempt you to watch more. Avoid the temptation; save a bundle. Unless you really need to see a particular video and you have enough data to cover all that.

Some phones like the Samsung and iPhone allow you to see how individual apps are using up your mobile data so check “data usage” in your phone menu and it will help you make a choice on which app to close. Phones like the Samsung Galaxy S4 even allow you to set a  limit monthly. When you hit the limit, the phone will automatically switch off to prevent over usage.

Phones like the Samsung Galaxy S4 allow you to see how much data is being used by specific apps
Phones like the Samsung Galaxy S4 allow you to see how much data is being used by specific apps

If you have a phone running on iOS or  Android, then install the Onavo Extend app. It helps reduce your data usage from running apps like emails, photos and some other apps but it has no effect on the quality of data.

Turn off your push notifications from social media sites as these consume data as well. Also try to browse using Opera Mini. It’s a much cheaper browser, using up to 90% less data than most of these common ones we use

We hope this helped. Also check out how the Chrome Mobile Browser can save you money on your bundles. Happy browsing!

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