Techtrends is a news blog focusing on technology, based and focused on Zambia. What is technology? To us at Techtrends, it is the progression of ideas and the evolution of solutions.

Our mandate is to teach, educate and inform our readership. This is from the n00bs to the geeks, smartphone gurus to gamers, hobbyists to field experts and tomorrows adults.

Join us in our journey, together we can make a difference in Zambia.

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  1. Finally. A non-political, non-partisan and non-rubbish Zambian website that exists for the documentation, review and comment of one of the many facets of life in Zambia, #Tech. How refreshing.

  2. Totally respect your vision, guys! N great job I must say!

  3. We need more innovative ideas like this. Keep up the good work guys!

  4. where are you located

  5. How does one become a writer on this amazing site.

  6. I love this.

    Good work Sandi.

  7. where can i find TECHTRENDS branch in lusaka. i need a batrey for my itel ASM-500

  8. Your website has limited information. What channels do you have. I hope it is not full of west African movies, soap operas from south America!

  9. how can i be a dealer of this site

  10. Whats your contact number in Zambia and office location your website

  11. I am glad I landed here after following Sandi on twitter.

    i love the writes of the blog. I hope i can be a contributor same day. #Techpreneurship #IamZambiasChild at

  12. my loan is constant,why is it like that and am a regular Customer

  13. Hi guys

    Can u help me with a gaming controller developer

  14. Great website. Kindly send updates on the provided email

  15. Can I make use of your services from another country?

  16. loving your news. kindly sign me up to any news letters

  17. great, how do i become a contributor?

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