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Android M may be announced today

Google is having its annual I/O developers’ conference and we expect that they will announce their new operating system (OS) called Android M, moving up from Android L (Lollipop) which was released last year. Like Apple which releases a new iOS update yearly, Google has also fallen into a routine of releasing their OS updates annually.

However, we have a few concerns. The previous update, Android L, has not even been rolled out to ALL types of Android devices, meaning it has not yet matured enough to be replaced this soon. Some devices are only getting the update as recently as this month, but now it seems they may have to skip Lollipop altogether if Android M is launched quickly. We expect that the M version will only be officially released towards the end of the year but we are not sure if al devices have still gotten the L version at all. Wait, forget L, we don’t think most Android devices have even got Android K (KitKat) updates at all!

Advice to Google; make the current operating system as efficient as possible. The difference between the Android platform and its rival iOS one is that iOS has a faster demand rate for updates from Apple’s iDevice users who quickly update their OS as soon as it’s rolled out. This is not the same for Android as users may take a little time before they update.

The few changes that might be integrated into this new OS which we expect are:

  • More focus on Google’s Nexus range as a priority are a new user interface (UI, the same change which we saw in the Lollipop version when Google simplified it in Material Design),
  • We expect to see more applications that allow Android M devices connect to other devices creating for smarter homes and vehicle use between devices and subject (think Internet of Things, IoT, at this point)
  • More compatibility with wearables
  • Have better battery performance

Google also seems to be want to penetrate the business world globally like Apple’s iOS has. The new Android M may be more workplace friendly, giving you the right notifications at the right time, and have more secure functionality.

We have to wait and find out what Google plans for its next OS. An updated article will be up afterwards.


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