Yagemuka Mahala… A New Promo Launched Today by Zamtel for 100 days


The Real Mahala Tarrif has been revamped. Starting today, 10 more minutes will be added to the original 90 minutes. This will run from March 5, to June 13, 2014. Additionally, 100 MB is being offered in this promotion called Yagemuka. Therefore in the next 100 days, you will get 100 minutes and 100 MB plus all the usual benefits included in your Mahala package everyday.

Forget the free talk for just a minute because nothing is for free in this world. If you got something free, chances are that somebody else paid for it. Anyway, the real hook of this promotion is that you are getting 100MB of free (mahala) mobile internet data. The data literally just got slapped into existence by being added on top of the original Mahala tariff turning it into a promo.

Consequently, Zamtel is dashing approximately K36 worth of mobile internet data to its clients. 100MB of data is valid for use between 06:00 hours and midnight (that is 00:00 hours or 24 hours) whilst the 100 voice minutes can be used between 06:00 hours and 18:00 hours just like before. Although, any unused data at midnight shall be forfeited.

The benefit of 10 free SMS’ and free calling from 22:00 hours to 06:00 hours still applies. The cost is K3.14 per day for the on-net offer which can be subscribed to by dialling the code *335*1# while the cross-net offer can be accessed by dialling *335*3#  and costs K6.27. After the 100 days come to an end, the regular Mahala tariff kicks in which entails 90 minutes talktime from 06:00 hours to 18:00 hours, 10 SMS’, free calls to landlines and free night calling from 22:00 hours to 06:00 hours Zamtel to Zamtel.

“Zamtel will continue to reward its customers with relevant promotions that will save them money and ensure that they have more money in their pockets,” said Evans Muhanga, Zamtel Chief Marketing Officer in a press release. At first glance, the statement sounds like a blatant PF campaign slogan but perhaps we are over-thinking things.