Review of the FNB Zambia Online Banking System


Ah yes, the age of digital banking is here thanks to FNB Zambia and life is such a breeze now, isn’t it? Most customers of FNB Zambia will attest to the hassle-free banking solutions recently introduced by the bank being a life-changer. Your account can be opened in only a matter of minutes so long as you’ve got all the required documentation, as opposed to hours or days.  They employ simple technology like webcams to take your identification photos thereby saving you time and money from going to a studio to pay for passport size photos. Best of all, FNB Zambia is one of the few banks, if not the only bank, to have seamless and operational mobile, internet and App banking offered to their clients.


In a statement, “We are excited to be bringing FNB’s innovative award winning Smartphone Banking App and digital banking to Zambia and empowering our clients with relevant mobile solutions such as the App and Mobi. This is an opportunity to contribute meaningfully towards the banking sector and unleash client benefit,” said Sarel Van Zyl, CEO FNB Zambia.

Indeed client benefit is core to the successful operation of any organisation because if the client is happy then the business is happy. It really does seem like FNB Zambia has hit the nail on the head for this one, bagged it and packed it up nicely in a safe. Other banks definitely have a high standard to beat.

FNB olb scr shot

It may seem all perfect and rosy except for one, small, simple, and possibly ignorable glitch which exists in the online banking registration process. Online banking is the platform which allows you to do your banking online. This means checking your balances, sending money and paying certain bills. Online banking is also the platform which allows you access to mobile banking and the smartphone banking app. This possibly ignorable glitch is very small yet could jeopardise the whole client benefit philosophy. After all, sometimes all it takes is just one incident for customer experience to be completely ruined despite building it over a period of time.

The glitch is that you have to call the bank as a final step to activate your online banking service. This is problematic because depending on what you are registering for, how and when, the phone might not be answered. You may not have airtime or you could just be in a hurry. Therefore, in order to create a completely seamless banking experience which would offer the ultimate benefit to the client, it would perhaps be beneficial to complete the whole registration process online and not to have to call the bank. I am sure that FNB Zambia has a good explanation for why the process is set-up the way it is. And it is obvious that security is a huge aspect of it. Nonetheless, making online banking registration completely self-service would also save the bank time and man-power from answering the phones, thus, potentially maximising their productivity. It’s a win-win.

For more information on the FNB Zambia smartphone banking app and online banking, please visit the FNB Zambia website.