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The Pontiano Kaiche Nipple-Gate Sets Social Media Ablaze

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When tongues wag and social media is ablaze with a trending topic in Zambia then you know that something morally uncomfortable has happened to shock the nation. For instance, the Alangizi video and the Clara Ngoma fiasco. And now Pontiano Kaiche has joined the crew of scandalous characters. Social media is abuzz and I mean ABUZZ with the nipple-gate scandal! WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter are busy churning messages from curious people, disgusted people, angry people, even jokers.

As usual, the Post Newspaper is the perpetuator of this outrageous photograph. To view the picture in its entirety just click here. The link will redirect you to the source. Knowing the Post Newspaper, they are likely to not remove the picture any time soon or perhaps never, unlike a Youtube video or Facebook Profile as in the case of the Alangizi video and Clara Ngoma incidences.  Such things are beyond our control.

Now on to some interesting possibilities concerning the photograph. Photoshoped or not? Thoughts… The picture shows the now infamous Zambian musician,  Pontiano Kaiche, ungraciously pinching a topless elderly woman’s nipple with a big satisfactory grin on his face. The picture was taken of Pontiano with Ngoni women at Nc’wala ceremony in February. How much blame can be levelled against the man though? This is a musician who has sang about admiring a woman’s (bana Mulenga) succulent behind. And don’t forget that the whole nation was singing along with him when the song was released. Secondly, the elderly woman was topless. Here is where I rest my case as I refuse to be involved in a battle over tradition in our culturally diverse country.

Furthermore, taking a close look at the picture indicates that the women are all laughing and seem joyous. The women surrounding the duo are actually smiling! In fact, it appears as though the group was photo-ready. Therefore, it was known that they were being photographed by the media… even Pontiano knew. Now if we are to reverse the situation here and assume from the looks of things that Pontiano did, in theory, ask for permission to pinch the nipple before the photograph was taken, what would we all say to that?! This is why we suspect that it was Photoshopped to begin with!

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