Kenneth Maduma is new Airtel Mobile Money brand ambassador


Veteran Zambian broadcaster Mr. Kenneth Maduma has been chosen by Airtel Zambia as its new brand ambassador for Airtel Money. This was announced today at a media breakfast where the new Shuwa Shuwa” Airtel Money promotion was also launched.

(Image Source: Airtel Zambia's Facebook page)
(Image Source: Airtel Zambia’s Facebook page)

Managing Director Mr. Peter Correia said his company was proud to be associated with such a household name that would represent the Airtel Money brand.

“You all know him, you have heard him and you have watched him on national television for many years and today we are proud to introduce to you our new Airtel Money Ambassador, Mr. Kenneth Maduma,” Mr. Correia said.

Mr Maduma, 63, said (please don’t read this in a deep voice), “I am honoured and humbled to have been picked to represent such a big brand in the Zambian telecommunication industry. Airtel Money is known by many people across the country and I must say it has been a great help to me whenever I have wanted to send money especially to people in the rural areas.” 

At the same event was the launch of a new campaign called Shuwa Shuwa and Airtel Money Director, Mrs Brenda Thole unveiled it saying, “With the ‘Shuwa Shuwa’ campaign we are introducing a service guarantee to our customers at all our specific Shuwa Shuwa outlets. We are emphasising the fact that our service is safe, trustworthy and most importantly is an available and reliable money transfer service in the country.”

Mrs Thole added: “We have subsequently increased our distribution network so that our customers can find our Shuwa Shuwa  agents within a few hundred meters from their homes and offices. We have made it easier for our customers, to identify these agents as they will bear the Shuwa Shuwa  logo on the booths and all you have to do is look out for the sign.”


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