Huawei aims to improve ICT sector in SADC bloc



In partnership with the Southern Africa Telecommunications Association (SATA), technology services provider Huawei has signed a deal to help improve the information and technology communications (ICT) sector in the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC).

According to a report on It Web Africa, the partnership between Huawei and SATA will target the lack of technological literacy and capabilities, improve technological infrastructure and create space to teach technical know-how in the SADC area.

Yang Hongjie, Marketing Director of Huawei Eastern and Southern Africa said “Our vision is to facilitate the building of a prosperous information society for the SADC region. ICT development will drive tremendous transformation in different industries.”

Adding on, Jacob Munodawafa, Executive Secretary of SATA said, “I appreciate the efforts that Huawei has been taking in ICT knowledge transfer, and happy to have Huawei as a strategic partner to shape the ICT future of SADC together. Huawei is solidifying efforts over the years with our partners on all fronts because we believe that ICT technologies are reshaping Africa and other parts of the world, and leading the next wave of sustainable social development.” 

Details of how this partnership will be carried out or where it will be implemented are still under wraps, but seeing as Huawei has a presence in Zambia we should expect to see them at work too.


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