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How to get started on Snapchat


You don’t have to let the world know you can’t figure out the Snapchat app. That’s why I’ here to break it down.

    1. Download the app from your app store (Android here, iOS here) and open it. Create a username, add your email details for and then create a password for your Snaphat account. The app will also ask for your number for verification so anytime you forget your password, a code is sent to your mobile phone.
    2. Once you’ve done that, the app will open up with suggestions of users amongst your contacts who have the Snapchat app too, and you can choose to add them. You can also search for other users by typing their usernames (if you know them) into the search bar within the app. You can see who added you, who to add, or who from your contacts list has the app too as shown in the menu below:


    1.  To create a new ‘snap‘, take a picture within the app. You can then edit it, adding text or emojis to it, before you can send it to either your friends who have Snapchat, or adding it to the ‘My Story‘ tab, which is like your timeline. The picture can be viewed for up to 10 seconds before it disappears when you send it to a friend. You can keep a snap by taking a screenshot of it. If you’re at an event with other Snapchatters, you can add images to the Our Story tab. Read more here.
    2. The app won’t just let you snap away, they put the chat in snapchat too by adding a messaging feature. See the video below for instructions:

If you need additional help on getting started visit the Snapchat support page here.



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