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Samsung Launches the Samsung Gear Live


Samsung has managed to stay atop the game of wearble tech with their smartwatches and continue to roll them out one after the other. This time it’s the Samsung Gear Live that we now have to check out.

The Samsung Gear Live smartwatch looks similar to previous Gear versions, like a gadget, not as stylish as the Moto 360. It runs on Android Wear, which is Google’s latest smartwatch operating system.

The Samsung Gear Live has the following specifications:

Design: It looks much slicker than the Gear 2 in that it’s thinner than it. It has a metallic finish around its edges. It has black straps that have a fancy metal clasp on one end, which is slightly hard to fasten but holds secure once on your wrist.  It is buttonless so the entire watch feels smooth to the touch. However, it still looks like a tech device, just like the Gears before it.


Display: The Samsung Gear Live comes with a 1.63-inch Super AMOLED 320×320 display. This means deeper colour display and darker blacks. Text will be more crispy clear as well.

Camera: Sadly they scrapped off the camera on the Gear Live but it isn’t a bad move seeing as users of older Gear variants never really used their watch cameras.

Processor: It comes with a 1.2MHz processor which is fast enough for Zambian internet speeds.

Colour Variants: Black and Wine Red

Memory: It comes with 512 MB RAM and 4 GB Storage.

Software: It runs on Android Wear, an operating device that according to Android.com, ‘organizes your information, suggests what you need, and shows it to you before you even ask. Get messages from your friends, appointment notifications, and weather updates at a glance’. It comes with a heart rate sensor as well as activity tracker so yes, it is a fitness gadget too.


Compatibility: Any Android phone with Android 4.3 Jelly Bean or higher. Finally a smartwatch that isn’t restricted to just its own brand of smartphones. This is opening up a whole new market for Samsung to other Android phone users.

Battery: This is the worst part of the phone. It won’t last you more than a day so consider having to charge it every night.

Price: It has been released at about $200 (approx ZWK 1,245) but I expect a higher price once available in Zambia due to shipping costs.

Image Credit: Gizmag,  Techradar


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