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Hearing a song you like? Shazam it!


We all know how music moves us but sometimes we don’t know how to get a hold of a song. It’s simple really. Just use Shazam.


This is a smart app that ‘listens’ to music for you and tells you exactly what the song is as well as who sang it, what album (if available) and the year of release. Basically everything about the song pops up.  so no, you don’t have to hum the song to a DJ who might know it or Google a few lyrics you heard in a song to try and find the actual song.


Using your smartphone’s microphone, Shazam picks up the sound around it for a 10 seconds and then send the information back to you. If the acoustic fingerprint is not found in its database, it will return a ‘song unknown” message across our screen.

Once it has found the song though, it will give you all the data and even allow for sharing options to Facebook so your friends can see what you’r listening to and possibly buy the song too. You can even follow links to sites where to download the song such as Amazon or iTunes or view/listen on other sites  like Youtube or Spotify (which isn’t available yet in Zambia).


You can Shazam music from any audio source like a TV, radio, in a club, another device, anything, as long as the sound is audible enough, otherwise the app will ask you to try again.

Goodbye to song-searching old school style, hello to Shazam. It is available on Google Play Store, iTunes, Blackberry World, and also on Ovi Store.

Image Credit: Mashable


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