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Introducing Aflix, the African Netflix for all your TV faves

unnamed By a show of comments how many of you have been mad at the ‘Not available in your country’ notice that came with Netflix? netflix
Well, Africa can now enjoy almost the same TV streaming services that Netflix provides through a service called Aflix. It is currently available for Android devices and some SmartTVs, and will be coming soon to iPhone and Samsung SmartTVs as well. It shows mainly Hollywood and Bollywood movies, popular TV shows and covers kids too with their favorite shows.

Your Aflix menu
Your Aflix menu

How does it work? Well, all you have to do is pay a fixed $9.99 ( approx. K60) a month and enjoy your movies and shows over  a broadband streaming service either on your smartphone, tablet or SmartTV. If new movies are released you have to pay  $4.99 rental fee for each one to see it, availability being for a 48 hour period. The Aflix by SmartVOD app was launched by Vonetize, a company which according to their website develops premium content services and technology platforms for Smart TVs and connected devices, reaching millions of viewers in the global market with a variety of content offerings – from Hollywood movies and TV Series to Music concerts, children-programming and niche ethnic content. In a world in which content is King and innovation is the name of the game, Vonetize has partnered with Top-Tier device manufacturers and content owners to build and distribute Premium content services and VOD platforms. The company  has made deals already with Disney, Miramax, Warner Brothers and MGM to offer some of the latest and most watched shows from Hollywood. Vonetize has plans to make the service compatible with other devices from LG, Toshiba and Samsung as well as some set-top-boxes. Will Aflix be as big in Africa as Netflix is in the  United States of America? We’ll have to wait and see what subscribers say. The Aflix streaming service is app based so you can download it here. Image Credit: Netflix, Google Play


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