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Instagram Brings ‘Fade’ And ‘Color’ To The App


Popular picture sharing app Instagram has announced some additions to its app, the ‘fade’ and ‘colour’ options for your pictures.

Here’s how these new features work:


It obviously fades your picture, with a level setting that allows you to fade to the extent you like.

The picture looks a little softer after being faded (left) from before (right picture).


This increase the depth of colour your pictures will have. See the variations in the 3 pictures below:


According to Instagram, the Android version 6.19.0 is available  on Google Play, and Instagram for iOS version 6.10.0 will be available in a few days in Apple’s App Store.

Updated yet? The Zambian ‘gram seems to have done pretty well in using the app seeing the filtered masses online, so this should be a welcome feature too.

Another feature you should like forward to if you like to be well-informed (*cough* spy) is the post notifications option. You can turn it on and get alerted every time some account holders post a picture on Instagram. We like the post notifications for the fact that all our favorite things can come through as soon as they are posted, without having to filter through our timeline.


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