What You Missed In Last Week’s Tech Trends


So the Easter holiday had you MIA for your technological trends in Zambia the past week. We have the deets here. Feel free to click on the links to read the full stories.

We outlined the biggest discussion points in the Lusaka Tech Salon, the first ever to be specific. The leading discussants were John Fay of Vitalite solar Technologies and Bob Keating of Zoona mobile money transfer services, and hosted by Ben Bellows of Population Council of Zambia. The major point of the salon on solar technology opportunities in Zambia was that there is demand for other sources of power in Zambia due to the inconsistent electrification in the country or a lack of it in some parts. The electrical grid doesn’t cover all areas leaving some areas in the dark, literally! All the advantages and disadvantages of this solar technology as well as how mobile money can be integrated into it are discussed here.


Another tech trend was the messages that were received on the Airtel network base by subscribers from  international numbers requesting them to call back. Our advice was “DON’T!” The messages were similar to a fraud scheme that has been reported in other countries from similar numbers, with the victims that call back losing airtime as it’s charged as an international call obviously. Airtel Networks Zambia released a statement saying they had nothing to do with the viral messages and could not be held responsible for any losses incurred by the subscriber should they decide to contact the strange numbers. Read more here. The update on this is that MTN subscribers have also reportedly been getting the same messages.



Lastly we noticed how many businesses are still hesitating when it comes to putting their business online, likeit’s some sort of taboo. We have the top reasons why any business should go on and create those accounts, get likes, shares, retweets, tags, ANYTHING to get themselves out there. We are in a ‘smart’ generation so why not move with the times?


Read all the best reasons  to get online here, as well as look at statistics we gathered for you to help convince you that a business without any social media account, is none of anybody’s business.


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