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The Top 5 BlackBerry phones under 3 Grand for the Zambian fanatic


BlackBerry is still quite popular in Zambia so I’ve complied a list of the top 5 that you can go for when trying to decide on a new one.

  • BlackBerry Curve 9320: For its price of about K1250, it’s just the upgrade the Curve range needed as it’s 3G enabled for faster browsing, running on BlackBerry OS 7.1. It is a lightweight phone with a sleek slim body. Its screen is not touchscreen but any BlackBerry fan will appreciate the very comfortable QWERTY keypad. It has a 3.2 MP rear camera and no secondary one. It has a 512MB RAM but you can add up to 32GB extra memory using a microSD card. The 9320 has radio so it’s perfect for anyone who likes to know what’s happening all the time.



  • BlackBerry 9720: It comes with a 5MP camera, has provision for a microSD card expandable up to 32 GB, has a touch screen and QWERTY keypad, has a radio and runs on BlackBerry 7 OS version 7.1. It has a 806 MHz Tavor MG1 processor. If you’re concerned about battery life it comes with a not too shabby 1450mAH removable battery which will give you atleast 3 hours of continuous use. You can find it for around K1850.


  • BlackBerry 9790: This very sleek looking phone has a very comfortable keypad that responds smoothly to touch. Speaking of touch, the screen has that feature enabled for when you don’t want to use keys. The keypad is QWERTY as most BlackBerries are. It has a 8GB internal memory so it’s definitely an upgrade from the 9720. It has a 1 GHz processor and is 3G enabled which should be fast enough for basic browsing speeds. It comes with a 5MP camera with auto focus.  It has NFC connectivity It has a price tag of about K1900.


  • BlackBerry Q5: This pretty phone has a large 3.1″ Super AMOLED screen and  a minimal QWERTY keyboard which is still comfy to use. Biggest feature is that it is 4G/LTE enabled so you will have faster connectivity if you are in area that has 4G. It has a Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ S4 1.2 GHz dual-core processor and runs on the BlackBerry 10 OS. It comes with 8Gb of internal memoery, expandable to 32GB by microSD. It has an 8MP rear camera and a 2MP front camera so yes selfies are definitely a thing on this one, even video calling. As for battery life, that depends on individual usage but it comes with a big enough 2180mAH non-removable battery. However, seeing as it connects to 4G which uses enough battery power you may want to carry our charger. If you want  a pop of colour it comes in choices of pink or white. You can hook yourself up with one for K2500. blackberry_q5_black_sc_larg


  • BlackBerry Q10: Coming in either black or white, the Q10 has an internal memory of 16GB, expandable by memory card to 32GB. It runs on BlackBerry 10 with a Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ S4  with 1.5 GHz dual-core processor. The battery is not so bad at 2100mAH. It should give you about 3/4 hours of continuous use of the phone/ It is 4G/LTE enabled so you should expect a very good browsing experience. The Q10 has an 8GB rear camera with Back Side Illumination for low-lit conditions. It also has  a 2MP front camera that enables you to carry out video calls. The Q10 is roughly around K3000.

blackberry-q10-oficI hope those mini specs helped you make a decision. The Ama Sampo Facebook page should help you find some for even less if you find the right traders.

Happy shopping!

Image Credit: TechRadar, BlackBerry, Lelong,  GadgetBy, GSMArena


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