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Huawei P8 Lite stops bullet and saves man’s life

Siraaj Abrahams shows the hole in his jacket from the bullet

Smartphones, as we all know, are really personal items. We keep contacts, photos, emails and notes that are important to us. Unlike most smartphone owners, Siraaj Abrahams has a bullet in his Huawei P8 Lite.

Huawei P8lite after it deflected a gunshot

This is because the Cape Town businessman recently survived a robbery after a gunman’s bullet was deflected by his mobile phone when he was shot in the chest. Abrahams, aged 41, was ambushed as he pulled up outside his house in Cape Town when two masked men tried to pull him out of his vehicle.

As he struggled with the robbers, a 9mm bullet was fired at close range towards Mr Abraham’s chest. However, the bullet miraculously hit off his Huawei P8 Lite smartphone which he had earlier placed in his jacket pocket.

The robbers ran off with just R280 (approximately K200) in cash and even though Mr Abrahams was shaken, he was unhurt thanks to his mobile phone. Now all he has to show for his ‘near death experience’ is a tiny mark on his chest and a hole in his jacket where the bullet struck.

‘I didn’t even see it coming; the first one just pulled open the door. He pulled me out of the vehicle and we began to struggle. During the struggle, the second who was two metres away, fired a shot at me,’ says Siraaj.

Huawei has since sent Mr Abrahams a new Huawei P9 Lite to replace his damaged phone.