Top 10 Data Science Project Ideas For Beginners

If you are an aspiring data scientist, then it is mandatory to involve in live projects to hone up your skills. These projects will help you to brush up your knowledge on knowledge and skills and boost up your career path. Now, if you write about those live projects on your resume, then there is a very good chance that you land up with your dream job on data science. But to be a top-notch data science engineer, it is essential to work on various projects. For this, it is important to know the best project ideas which you can leverage further on your CV.

Start Working on Live Projects to Build your Data Science Career

To get a sound idea for data science projects, you should be more concerned about it rather than it’s implementation. Because of this, we have come up with the best ideas for you. Here we have enlisted the top 10 project ideas that can shape your future in the world of data science. But to begin such programs or live projects, you need to have a good understanding of Python and R languages.

1. Credit Card Fraud Detection Mechanism

This project requires knowledge of ML and R programming. This project mainly deals with various algorithms that you can get familiar with once you start doing your applied machine learning course. These algorithms mainly cover Logistic Regression, Artificial Neural Networks, Gradient Boosting Classifiers, etc. From the record of the Credit Card transactions, you can surely be able to differentiate between fraudulent and genuine data. After that, you can draw various models and use the performance curve to understand the behavior.

This project involves the Credit Card transaction datasets that give a pure blend of fraudulent as well as non-fraudulent transactions. It implements the machine learning algorithm using which you can easily detect the fraudulent transaction. Also, you will understand how to utilize the machine learning algorithm for classification.

2. Customer Segmentation :

It is another such intriguing data science project where you need to use your machine learning skills. This is basically an application of unsupervised learning where you need to use clustering to find out the targeted user base. Customers are segregated on the basis of various human traits such as age, gender, interests, and habit. Implementation of K-means clustering will help to visualize gender as well as different age distribution. Also, it helps to analyze annual income and spending ideas.

Here the companies deal with segregating various groups of people on the basis of the behavior. If you work on the project, you will understand K means clustering. It is one of the best methods to know the clustering of the unlabelled datasets. Through this platform, companies get a clear understanding of the customers and what are their basic requirements. In this project, you need to work with the data that correlates with the economic scenario, geographical boundaries, demographics, as well as behavioral aspects.

3. Movie Recommendation System : 

This data science project can be rewarding since it uses R language to build a movie recommendation system with machine learning. The Recommendation system will help the user with suggestions and there will be a filtering process using which you can determine the preference of the user and the kind of thing they browse. Suppose there are two persons A and B and they both like C and D movies. This message will automatically get reflected. Also, this will engage the customers to a considerable extent.

It gives the user various suggestions on the basis of the browsing history and various preferences. There are basically two kinds of recommendation available-content based and collaborative recommendation. This project revolves around the collaborative filtering recommendation methodology. It tells you on the basis of the browsing history of various people. 

4. Fake News : 

It is very difficult to find out how an article might deceive you mostly for social media users. So, is it possible to build a prototype to find out the credibility of particular news? This is a major question but thanks to the data science professionals of some of the major universities to answer the problem.  They begin with the major focus of the fake news of clickbait. In order to build a classifier, they extracted data from the news that is published on OpenSources. It is used to preprocess articles for the content-based work with the help of national language processing. The team came up with a unique machine learning model to segregate news articles and build a web application to work as the front end. 

The main objective is to set up a machine learning model that provides you with the correct news since there is much fake news available on social media. You can use TfidfVectorizer and Passive-Aggressive classifier to prepare a top-notch model. TF frequency tells the number of times a particular word is displayed in the document. Inverse Document Frequency tells you the significance of a word on the basis of which it is available on several contents. Therefore, it is important to know how it works.

  • A TFIDFVectorizer helps in analyzing a gamut of documents.
  • After analyzing, it makes a TF-IDF matrix.
  • A passive-aggressive Classifier tells you whether the classification outcome is viable. However, it changes if the outcome swings in the opposite direction.
  • Now, you can build a machine learning model if you have such good project ideas.

5. Color Detection :

It might have happened that you don’t remember the name of the color even after seeing a particular object. There is an ample number of colors that are totally based on the RGB color values but you can hardly remember any. Therefore, this data science project will deal with the building of an interactive app that will find the chosen color from the available options. In order to enable this, there should be a detailed level of data for all the available colors. This will help you to find out which color will work for the selected range of color values.

In this project, you will require Python. You will utilize this language in creating an application that will tell you the name of the color. For this, there is a data file that comes with color names and values. Then it will be utilized to evaluate the distance from each color and find out the shortest one. Colors are segregated into red, green, and blue. Now the PC will analyze the range of the colors varying from 0 to 255. There are a plethora of colors available and in the dataset, you need to align each color value with the corresponding names. It requires a dataset that comprises RGB values as per the names.          

6. Driver Drowsiness Detection :

In order to perform training and test data, researchers have come up with a Drowsiness Test which uses the Real Life Drowsiness dataset in order to detect the multi-stage drowsiness. The objective is to find out the extreme and discernible cases related to drowsiness using data science Skill. However, it permits the system to find out the softer signals of drowsiness. After that, comes the feature extraction which needs developing a classification model. 

Since overnight driving is really a difficult task and leads to varied problems, the driver gets drowsy and feels quite sleepy while driving. This project helps to detect the time when the driver gets lazy and falls asleep. It produces an alarming sound as soon as it detects it. It implements a unique deep learning model to determine whether the driver is awake or not. This comes with a parameter to find out how long we stay awake. If the score is raised above the threshold value, then the alarm rings up. Now, you can easily be able to get the related dataset and Source Code.

7. Gender and Age Detection : 

This is basically a computer vision and machine learning project that implements convolutional neural networks or CNN. The main objective is to find out the gender and age of a person using a single image of the face. In this data science project, you can segregate gender as male or female. After that, you can classify the age on the basis of various ranges like 0-2, 4-6, 15-20, and many more. Because of different factors such as makeup, lighting, etc, it is very difficult to recognize gender and age forms a particular image. Due to this, the project implements a classification model instead of regression.

For the purpose of face detection, you will require a .pb file since this is a protobuf file. It is capable of holding the graph definition and the trained weights of the model. A .pb file is used to hold the protobuf in a binary format. However, the .pbtxt extension is used to hold this in the text format. In order to detect the gender, the .prototxt file is used to find out the network configuration. The .caffemodel file is used here to denote the internal states of various parameters.

8. Prediction Of The Forest Fire : 

Both forests, as well as the wildfire, ignites a state of emergency and health disasters in modern times. These disasters can hamper the ecosystem and this can cause too much money. Also, a huge infrastructure is required to deal with such issues. Therefore, using the K-means clustering you can easily be able to detect the forest fire hotspots and the disastrous effect of this nature’s fury. With this, it can cause faster resource allocation and the quick response. The meteorological data can be used to determine the seasons during the forest fires that are more frequent. Also, you can determine the weather conditions and climatic change that can reduce them and bring sustainable weather.

9. Effect of Climate Change on Global Food Supply :

Climatic change seems to affect various parts of the world. As a result, people residing in those areas are also under the wrath of such climatic change. The project mainly deals with the impact the climatic change is having and its effect on the entire food production. Main motive of the project is to determine the adverse effect of the climate on the production of crops. The project ideas mainly revolve around the impact of temperature and the rainfall along with the diversified cause of carbon dioxide on the growth of the plants. This project mainly focuses on the various data visualization techniques and different data comparisons will be drawn to find out the yield in various regions.

10. Chatbot-Best After the Data Science Online Training :

This is one of the famous projects done by the most aspiring data science professionals. It plays an important role in the business. They are used to give better services with very little manpower. In this project, you will see the deep learning techniques to talk with customers and can implement those using Python. There are basically two types of chatbots available. One deals with the domain which is used to solve a particular issue and the other one is an open domain chatbot. The second one you can use to ask various types of questions. Due to this, it requires a lot of data to store. 

Upskill Yourself Through Online Data Science Course and Become a Professional

The projects discussed in this technical article covers all the major Data Science projects which you need to do if you are a budding data science professional. But before that, you need to have a good grasp on various programming languages like Python and R. If you do the data science online tutorials, then these projects will be a cakewalk for you. Remember, one thing these small steps will make the large blocks so that you can rule the world of data science.. So, go ahead and participate in these live projects to gain relevant experience and confidence.