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Twitter word limit to change today


Twitter has been working at finally changing the word limit on tweets, regarding content like usernames URLs, GIFs, images and not part of its 140 character limit as it has always been.

Earlier we had shared that story with you, as well as some other changes Twitter had made.

We’ve been waiting to see it happen and well, great news, the date is set for today!

It won’t change your character limit from 140, just changing what it regards as part of that word count, according to a report by The Verg, who also wrote on first time Twitter users challenge with this:

At the same time, this change isn’t going to make Twitter much easier to use for new users. If anything, it gives new users another trick to learn, another odd factoid to keep in mind while tweeting. The list of exceptions to the 140-character limit just keeps growing.

Go ahead and ‘@’ someone with a few more words…


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