Voda-flop: Vodafone Zambia sends 1GB to subscribers, but doesn’t!


Yesterday, many Vodafone Zambia subscribers received an SMS telling them they had received 1GB data allowing them to browse for free for a week, then some minutes later sent another to call sike!

Ok so it wasn’t exactly them saying sike, but they did explain it was a system error: the message went to the wrong customer segments. It was supposed to go inactive users to stimulate them to use the service provider again.


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5 thoughts on “Voda-flop: Vodafone Zambia sends 1GB to subscribers, but doesn’t!

  • Well, Sandi, I’ve been inactive in that platform so … yeah, flop.

    • Were you one of the inactive ones that actually got a gig? Why have you dumped them?

  • I’m not yet on Vodafone Zambia, but I can’t help but feel the disappointment. Imagine one who was using free facebook…😂

    • Lol. Yeah that would suck for those. However, they do give you 10GB free if you signed up right now, according to their Facebook page..

  • I received those two SMS messages. Today, they sent another one saying I was getting the 1Gb after all. Unfortunately, I have stopped using their service. It is useless where I live in Meanwood Ibex Hill, so, I don’t need them. I’m using Airtel on my MiFi and the service is good, around 21 to 30 Mbps down.

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