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Apple and Swatch to partner for iWatch


We told you before about what we expect from the Apple iWatch and now it seems like it could be a reality more than a rumour as they now partner with world’s largest watchmaker Swatch, having 18 different watch brands, to create the iWatch, or rather iWatches.


Yes, iWatches, because Apple is looking to roll out a variety of watches in different styles and prices to appeal to  a diverse group of Apple users, old or young, goth or corporate. So no, it won’t just be one watch as earlier speculated.

The iWatch range will mainly be health and fitness based and should be compatible with all iDevices from Apple. We predict since they’re are different types of iDevices, each type will have its own range of watches under it that are of different makes and prices. This seems like an entire new business for Apple!!!

Other features expected on the iWatch are the inclusion of Apple’s iTunes, iOS and HealthKit.

The iWatch(es) is believed to, like other smartwatches already out there, come without cellular radio and will be Bluetooth-enabled to connect to iDevices.

Could they be targeting  a mass market? Definitely. Their watches will likely be fashion statements as well as status symbols so they will definitely get attention once rolled out. Apple has been well-prepared for the iWatch production because according to VentureBeat,  “The most recent hire is Patrick Pruniaux, TAG Heuer’s former vice-president of sales and retail, whom Apple poached earlier in the summer. Apple also hired mainstream fashion brand Burberry’s CEO Angela Ahrendts last October, ostensibly to work on Apple’s retail stores.” They got two people from the biggest fashion brands out there to work with them so fashion and personal style for the iWatch are definitely a factor.

Variety is said to be the spice of life so we hope that Apple gets its desired flavour globally, including in Zambia where iDevices have become popular.

Image Credit: VentureBeat, Reuters




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