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LudoHub: A Zambia eSports gaming hub you absolutely need to join


If you are a gamer, you probably recognize the above text from many failed attempts at defeating
the infinite classic game Mario brothers.

LudoHub is a start-up company focused on bringing youth together through gaming and game
development. They focus on gaming events which bring together game developers and game
enthusiasts for a day of fun through game showcases and LAN parties. Their flagship event is known
as ‘The Gathering’ which aims to spark interest in IT for teens as well as introduce players to
competitive gaming titles that require teamwork and good communication skills to win.

Video gaming has come a long way from the Sega Genesis which introduced titles such as Mortal
Kombat Ultimate, Contra: Hard Corps and Battle Toads to new high end consoles like Nintendo
Switch, Microsoft Xbox One, Sony Play Station 4 as well as a new breed of dedicated gaming laptops
such as Alienware. 

The evolution of the internet and online game play in the video game industry has paved way to a
subculture known as the eSports (electronic sports) industry also known as the competitive gaming
industry. eSports is the use of video games for competitive play where players compete with each other in tournaments where the eventual winners get prizes which usually involve cash, and can either
take place online or offline by interlinking several computers via a Local area Network (LAN)

“There is definitely a market for eSports in Zambia. All that Is needed is infrastructure and support
from telecoms and corporations for it to grow. Internet gaming generates demand for network
infrastructure improvements at the both local and regional level. The eSports industry also indirectly
provides a platform for marketing due to its wide viewership like any other sport.” ~ Eddie Musabula (LudoHub Co-Founder)

LudoHub has also launched an online video game store called Shift​ . On Shift, gamers can order
games online and have them delivered straight to their door step. The store offers a wide selection
of titles at affordable prices. They currently stock titles for Xbox One and Play Station 4.
The high cost of data for online game play has posed the biggest challenge for the growth of local
eSports, making it hard to organise gaming leagues and tournaments.

If you enjoy eSports and would like to keep up with what is happening on the local gaming scene,
follow LudoHub on  Facebook and Twitter.


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