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Android expected to still lead OS marketshare by 2021

In an IDC study of global shipments of devices in 2016, Statista raised the chart above to show that Android devices made up 85.1% of all  1.52 billion device shipments, while iOS took 14.7% and other types of operating systems took the rest of the pie at 0.2%.

By 2021, Android’s numbers are expected to increase to about 85.5%, iOS taking 14.5%, while other OSes take 0.1% of all operating system market share on devices shipped, that number being around 1.74 billion.

In Zambia just a few years ago, BlackBerry and Symbian were the leading operating systems on mobile devices but as support and demand for these devices reduced, there was a noticeable switch to Android devices. iOS was still expensive and rare to find among users but has now gotten some demand. How could I forget Windows?! That one was also quite popular when Nokia launched devices running it.

It now seems that the double-monopoly, duopoly even, is stuck between the two operating systems: Android and iOS, and the battle will not end anytime soon only between the two, unless some other operating system maker rocks up before then.


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One thought on “Android expected to still lead OS marketshare by 2021

  • Being an Android user, I found it an outstanding mobile operating system. It is not only available at less cost as compared to iOS but also has an excellent customer service & performance is also awesome. So most of the mobile brands coming up with upgraded Android versions. The most reliable one.

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