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Do you stand for Net Neutrality? Facebook does

July 12th 2017 was Net Neutrality Day of Action and Facebook had this to share:

“Today, people and companies across the country are participating in a day of action to fight for net neutrality. Facebook is proud to be a part of it.

Net neutrality means a free and open internet for everyone. It ensures that internet service providers are not allowed to block or throttle internet traffic or discriminate against certain content.

The FCC has existing rules in place to protect net neutrality and ensure that anyone with an internet connection has a fair shot at turning an idea into something that can change the world. That would change if internet providers were allowed to decide what content its customers could access, or charge customers more to access the websites and services of their choice.

The FCC’s current rules help prevent this from happening. We strongly support those rules, but the FCC’s new proposal could undo those protections. That’s why Facebook supports strong net neutrality rules that will keep the internet free and open.

We’re open to working with anyone, including members of Congress, on a solution that will preserve strong net neutrality protections. We hope you join us in this fight. To learn more about the day of action visit:  iadayofaction.org.”

Mark Zuckerberg shared this in a post:

Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s Chief Operating Officer added:

There are some who agree:

and others who disagree:

What do YOU think?


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