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Hooked on Chatting, But Don’t Wanna Leave it Hanging? Try Wiper!

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“There’s an app for that” now just started sounding cliche. However, in the plethora of Apps in your App Store, whether it is for iOS or Android, the big question is usually “What can it do differently?”

Enter Wiper and you know messaging just got to a whole new level when all your privacy concerns are covered and you can delete the messages from your recipient’s phone. Cool? Wait, if someone wants to take a snapshot of the message to save for later, then what? No worries, you can flag that person as having some dirt on you because you instantly get notified.

If you have a significant other who sends messages or a raunchy nature, or when you do send them, it is high time you moved your ‘fun’ and ‘got a room.’ With features such as private phone calls that nobody can listen in – really?!!! – we are blown away and we are going to test it as a Team to see how best to make use of the App.

Wanna see how it works, check out the gif below.

Wiper app GIF


There is a long list of other cool features, that will interest you if you into app development, messaging or big on security issues. Record and send videos to your contacts as well as forward photos and videos that your friends sent to you—just “touch and hold” on the photo or video to see the forward option.  Beware—your friend will be alerted if you forward their photo or video to someone else 🙂

Wiper app SKITCH

Look out for our little review, and will share an opinion on whether or not Wiper will break into the WhatsApp dominated market and steal some shine away for privacy and security.

To ride along download the app for iOS and Android, and let’s know your comments, tweet at us or via Facebook. If you are in business let us know especially how this app will save you a lot of trouble.

Image Credit(s): Apple AppStore/Business Insider

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