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Free Whatsapp on MTN Zambia; Free or Freemium?

10447106_844392062270497_7350118952815555645_nIn a  time when data bundles are considered a necessity, it’s pretty comforting to see mobile network operators (MNOs) do their part and bring us ‘promotions’ that make the stress a little less.

MTN Zambia has just launched their free Whatsapp promo package which allows a subscriber access to the app after they buy a  20MB bundle. However this access is only valid for 24 hours, as is common with most promotional packages offered by MNOs.

It makes sense though because the 20MB is only valid for 24 hours anyway. MTN Zambia’s website also stated that you can get the bundle as many times as you want but the free Whatsapp service is only valid for 24 hours from the time of purchase of each bundle you buy.

If you have an active data bundle already and subscribe to the 20MB, the 20MB one will take over and you can then access the Whatsapp free chat feature. The great thing is that there’s an alert to let you know when you have depleted the bundle and your free chat time is done.

It had me thinking, if one gets the 20MB and doesn’t use it at all, that means they can access Whatsapp for free for 24hours straight right, because all you need to do is stay active with that bundle. (Yes I had to find a way to beat the system)

However, just how much of the features of the app can a subscriber be allowed to access? Speaking to an MTN representative from their call centre, he explained that subscribers will be able to access ALL  the features associated with Whatsapp, whether sending images or voice notes!

Seeing as Whatsapp seems to be one of the biggest apps used in Zambia right now, I understand how MTN Zambia could go for it to sell themselves especially to potential customers who are not yet on the network.

The truth is the ‘free‘ part should be dropped because technically users DO pay K3.15 for the 20MB bundle which is the premium service they are paying so free + premium = freemium. I’m not just saying, but you know how marketing works, make the K3.15 look like nothing to what benefits you get from having Whatsapp at your disposal.


Now we wait and see what the competition has to offer…

Image Credits: MTN Zambia Facebook page, Oliver Ollman


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