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Google Glass: Has a Monster Been Created?


With technology advancing at such a rapid rate it’s hard to ignore that life as we know is changing fast, A recent release into the technology world “Google glass” has already been redesigned to do harm, trust someone out there to find a way of taking an amazingly cool gadget and turning it into something lethal, and in this case that someone is an American based firearms company, Tracking point.

What is Google glass?

Google glass is a wearable computer with an optical head-mounted display, and because not everyone is a techno guru, in simple terms it’s a pair of glasses with a little computer attached to them. The glasses were created with the aim of promoting a new type of computing where by computing can occur using any device, in any location and in any format in contrast to using the common desktop or laptop computer.


How will it be used by weapons companies?

Because the eyewear has mapping probabilities, precision firearm manufacturing companies such as Tracking point have started trying to use it to improve aiming with firearms, the company (Tracking point) has already released a prototype of their first google glass aided gun. The software is meant to enhance the firearms sighting and tracking, meaning that a user of the firearm would be able shoot around corners or behind object, providing cover.


A video demonstrating how Google glass will be used in precision firearms has been posted to the net (link attached at the bottom), but with all of this we are still a bit sceptical if this is a good advance in the use of technology or just a plain outright abuse. But the upside to it is that whilst google glass can help shoot around corners it can also serve as a mini black box for firearms by recording whilst the firearm is in use.


Image credits: cnet, daily mail, newszou

Video link: Washington post