Mobile Money in Zambia: A comparison of charges


With more and more alternatives to banking popping up in the country, mobile money is taking the lead as two of the three mobile networks in the country are facing off head to head in a campaign to win over customers. Billboards and Television adverts are being thrown into our faces throughout the day but what really matters the most is how much it costs the average person to use such a service, so we’ve gone out and collected all the tariffs being charged by the two operators in the country currently running the service, which are Mtn Zambia and Airtel Zambia. Zamtel declined to comment on their current status on mobile money.

Here is a comparison table to show you the charges by the two mobile networks.


With no monthly charges, its clear why there has been a lot of hype about mobile money, even though withdrawal is slightly limited the service boasts about the ability to pay everyday bills with ease. We’ve given you the info, now you choose.