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Why Radio Stations Need Websites

Radio Stations On AirHave websites become unnecessary with the boom of social media like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Youtube, Pinterest, or Google+, among others? The answer to this question is no in a number of different ways. First of all, there is a major difference between social media and websites. The main one being the structure and then the content. In this introductory post, we will just discuss the basic reasons why radio stations and even other businesses need websites. There will consequently be future posts expanding on this topic and explaining in greater depth why websites are still useful in this day and age.

To begin with, websites offer a plethora of easily accessible content. As opposed to social media, Facebook in specific or Twitter, once something is posted online you can easily search for it months or even years later. Therefore it is easier to filter information on a website. In contrast, information is likely to get swallowed and buried up on a social media timeline. As more content is posted, the more difficult it becomes to find. So far, search options on social media are either unavailable or difficult to find. For instance, you can do an advanced search on Twitter for specific stories from particular accounts, although, this usually yields hashtag results.

The Twitter Advanced Search Page
The Twitter Advanced Search Page

For a business with prominent personalities needing to interact with their fans, radio stations can’t do without websites. This is because a whole organisation can host various data on one website as opposed to having multiple Facebook pages for fans to follow. Social media can be a value addition tool where information from the website is promoted through social media. Websites could contain DJ profiles, blogs, contests, interests, news, updates, trends, fun facts and so many other things. Most importantly, websites can house the company profile and contact information for their different departments, for example, the marketing department helpful to those interested in advertising. The opportunities are limitless.