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Local App Friday: Edealu online shopping app


This Friday’s focus is on Edealu, an e-commerce player (still in test mode) that will be launched in July for online shopping lovers. CEO and co-founder Kaule Lungwe gives more details:

Product name

Our brand name is Edealu, Similar to the Bemba saying ‘eh dealu iyi meaning this is a good deal and it also connotes ‘Electronic Deal 4 U’.

What the product is and does

Edealu is a proudly Zambian E-commerce Mobile Application that brings daily deals to your fingertips at unbelievable prices. Each day new deals will be available on the mobile app for purchase. We will look for all the best deals both locally and internationally and deliver them to our customers through the application.

One will shop online and receive their goods in a period of 3 – 5 days. The application will be available on Android, BlackBerry and Apple devices. Edealu is not a buyer and seller platform but instead will control all inventory and customer relations. This is to ensure that our customers receive the best service and goods possible. This is our core model because most customers have lost faith in e-commerce due to third party sellers that do not deliver on the advertised product/service.

Why someone should use the product

Tired of spending more on stuff you need? Well so are we! Edealu came about due to the overpriced goods and services we encounter on a daily basis and are left with no choice but to spend more due to the current economy. Edealu comes to the rescue and helps you save big on purchases. Edealu is not your ordinary deal portal or website, it is a mobile application which has ease of use, saves one’s time to shop, and will have awesome deals uploaded to the app each and every day, meaning you will not find the same goods that were there yesterday today, hence something new for everyone. We control all inventory and flow of goods and services sold through the app hence we guarantee quality and accountability to our customers. We support bank transfer, cash, mobile money (MTN and Airtel) and card payments.

Where someone can get the product

Edealu goes live on 5th July 2016 on the Google Play Store and will be ready for use on the 11th of July 2016. It will be released to the Apple and BlackBerry platforms in months to follow.

Currently, we running our final user tests and A/B testing on the app to fix any bugs and ensure that the app is fully functional. To download our test version, please feel free to download it off our website www.edealu.com. We would like to get some insight from you on your user experience as well so keep us posted if you do test it, we highly value your input.


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