How To Save Your Data Bundles on Android and iOS


Data bundle expenses are becoming  a pain in the rear end, or if you can afford them, you want to make sure they last for as long as they can. so here’s a few tricks to handle your data bundle more efficiently.

To start with, go to  your data usage settings on your phone. Turn off auto updates and change them to update only over WiFi so that they don’t update themselves in the background and eat up your bundle.

Go to each specific app’s settings and disable any data options that allow it to refresh or upload stuff within your phone using the data bundle. Some apps are data hungry and will continue to use it even though you have closed the app. Explains why your data bundle moves when you are not even using it. Phones running iOS have a feature that allows you to disable specific apps.

Turn off data completely when you don’t need it. Ofcourse you won’t get your notifications and emails as they come, but you save your bundle from being completely depleted.

Install a data usage monitor like Onavo. It help keep track of what apps and features are using up your data bundle on your Android phone. It has Onavo Count, which calculates and shows you how much data is being used and saved, and Onavo Extend, which helps you save data by compressing data consuming features like web page loading. It’s available for iOS as well.

Browse with Opera Mini. It compresses pages automatically so that your data usage is reduced by up to 90% of what you would use with other web browsers.

Switch off your sync option. Some apps when synced will continue to transfer data in the background so turn that off for every data consuming app like Facebook.

Image Credits: TechPurge, Onavo 


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