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The BlackBerry ‘Venice’ running on Android, out November

BlackBerry Venice concept (Source: @evleaks)
BlackBerry Venice concept (Source: @evleaks)

It’s a tough mobile world out there and BlackBerry is doing all it can to make some profits, even if it means switching its latest phone called the BlackBerry Venice onto Google’s Android platform.

According to famous tech leaker Evan Blass (@evleaks), the BlackBerry Venice will be released in November, most likely in the USA first.

The picture above is a concept image of what it will look like, having a physical keyboard seen on most BlackBerry handsets, and with curved edges (that remind us of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge). The keyboard will be a sliding one, from the phone’s bottom end, so you can still choose whether to use it or use the touch-screen functionality.

Running on Android means there will be a Google Play Store functionality for apps purchases. It will be everything Android that you expect. What we don’t know yet are the full specifications of the phone, as well as the price estimate.

Image Source: @evleaks

I must say, if it looks anything like the concept image, it will be a beautiful phone. It would be great also if they dropped the ‘BlackBerry’ part of the name and just call it ‘Venice’, it has a nice elegant ring to it.


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