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It’s Earth Day, And Google Has Just The Doodle


April 22nd is Earth Day, meaning we celebrate this big ol’ earth and appreciate it.

Google has a Doodle for well, almost everything, from previous ones we’ve written about. See those here. Earth Day is no different, with Google writing on its site that “Earth Day is a great time to search for information on how to celebrate and protect our planet–and it’s now a great time to find out something about yourself too.”

This Doodle allows users to take a Earth Quiz to find out what animal you are. I was a giant squid from my results because Google said to me ‘You can achieve anything to which you put your mind and/or your massive tentacles.’


The great part is Google knows it’s a goofy quiz so just take a second to find out what animal you are (to kind of feel one with the earth maybe) and have some fun sharing the quiz with your friends or by telling them to take it when they land on Google’s home page.

Nothing like Earth Day on Hump Day. Stay Green!


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