Experts Call For Tech Solutions That Are Relevant To The African Context

Leading Experts working in Artificial Intelligence, Automation, and Information Security in Africa have called for the creation of technological solutions that are relevant to the continent.

At the end of a three-day, “The Future of Artificial Intelligence, Automation, and Information Security in Africa Global Summit 2023″ held in Livingstone last week, Experts and Thought Leaders drawn from Europe, South Africa, and Zambia pledged their commitment to achieving the goal of creating AI solutions that are relevant to the African context.

They also acknowledged that AI and automation have immense potential to contribute significantly to Africa’s industrial growth, economic development and improved livelihoods.

They further noted that data security is paramount to ensure that the benefits of these technologies are realised without compromising the privacy and security of the people of Africa.

The Experts also committed themselves to using the Summit to foster collaborations, and knowledge sharing and to harnessing the power of AI and automation in Africa’s development.

The summit was organised by Compu-Connect Education, a 100% female-owned, IT and smart technology company with operations in Zambia and South Africa that is contributing toward raising awareness regarding AI having conversations in Africa because of the opportunities and challenges that the technology brings.

Sarah Luyele Njamu, CEO of Compu-Connect Education who served as Summit Chairperson commented, “The summit exceeded all expectations in its excellence. It was a great success mainly due to the event’s rigorous planning and excellent execution.”

Sarah Luyele Njamu, CEO of Compu-Connect Education

She added, “The presentations were dynamic and relatable due to the Speakers’ knowledge, competence, and passion to convey the Summit in an engaging way. The most urgent issues in artificial intelligence, automation, and information security were covered in each session, which was a masterclass in and of itself.”

Mrs Njamu said the presence of several seasoned and experienced captains of industry at the Summit served as proof of the significance of AI and information security.

“As Compu-Connect Education, we wish to thank the Government of Zambia through the Ministry of Technology and Science and the media houses in Zambia for the unwavering support received during the preparation period and have committed to hosting this global summit in Zambia annually as a result of the initial event’s success.”

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