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Flappy Bird is Back!


Just when our blood pressure rates were getting back to normal, the frustrating and hard-to-win Flappy Bird is set to return soon, according to its creator Dong Nguyen. Look, you don’t need the extra stress. The Zambian Kwacha is going at K10 to the Great British Pound. We have bigger problems here!

Anyway, if you do care about its return, the date has not been announced but the creator just said ‘soon’. Yes, we raised our brows at this statement. Set a date already so people can get ready to buy their stress pills in advance.

"Game Over", or so we thought
“Game Over”, or so we thought

We had told you earlier that he had pulled Flappy Bird off the Play Store because he felt like it was getting too much attention and was highly addictive (Ok, we must admit one of our writers tried it out and we suffered bad moods from her when she didn’t pass a level in the game).

What’s even more shocking is he was actually making tonnes of money off of it, about $50, 000 per day! Well we guess some people do not value money that much as most. Even after the game was brought down, it was still cashing in due to the release of various clone apps that emerged such as Floppy Bird, Flappy Bearded, Buffalo wings,etc..

The man who created Flappy Bird, Dong Nguyen
The man who created Flappy Bird, Dong Nguyen

According to MacRumours, it is unclear when Flappy Bird might make its way back to the App Store, but Nguyen has said that when he re-releases the app, it will come with a warning: “Please take a break.”

He should have put that the first time! Let’s hope the new release will come with a timeout provision that doesn’t allow a player to play for a fixed period of time after losing a level. That would help curb the addiction.

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