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Last Week’s Tech Trends


What startup entrepreneurs are doing wrong: We covered the major things that entrepreneurs do wrong when starting a business in one article. They included copying others, seeking quick rewards without calculating the risks, overspending and depending on the government to bail you out of your troubles.

Top tech trends of 2015: What we think will make the biggest news this year in Zambia with regards to the tech scene. Mobile money, greater mobile coverage, more tech startups and a greater penetration of smart appliances in our homes are some of them.

 A review of the HTC Desire Eye: An overall glance at what HTC’s new phone has to offer. Being dustproof and waterproof, it will definitely get a  bite of the market share. Plus, it has a 13MP selfie camera. Boom! In your face! Literally. It costs about ZMW 5000 online.


Mark Zuckerburg started a book club: A reading culture in any society is great, even if that society is online. Mark Zuckerburg started a book club to prove this, calling the page ” A Year of Books” on Facebook. The goal is to read 2 books every month and discuss them on the page. It had over 120,000 likes but has since risen to over 200,000. Can he beat Oprah’s book club, which is known as one of the  world’s biggest?

Nokia released a $29 phone: For less than ZMW 200 (before tax) you can get the new Nokia 215 internet enabled phone from Nokia, aimed at the developing world. The features are all in the picture below:


Tips before buying a TV: Seeing some TVs in some homes, you need these tips to trade in for a slicker modern one. Everything you need to know in 5 major points about buying a TV from your budget to where you intend to place it are all in this article here.

Whatsapp hit 700 million MAUs: All that chatting! Facebook-owned app Whatsapp has risen to the 700 million monthly active users (MAU) level, maybe even more from about a week ago. They still have no monetization project in place but we got hints there might be something introduced when the app hits 1 billion users.

ZICTA’s faulty towers: When we thought it was all good with the towers that ZICTA is erecting, we find a report by the Consumer Trust Society that carried out a survey of a tower and found it was operating below par. What concerned us was this study was conclusive for one pre-existing tower in the test site. Should we be worried about the rest of the towers around?

Windows 10 may have Cortana: Microsoft is yet to fully release the Windows 10 operating system but speculation has it that it may come with a digital assistant, the tech giant Microsoft’s very own Cortana. The biggest thing about the operating system is that it may come with a completely new web browser, which may lead to the death of Internet Explorer, or it’s end as the default browser.

Lastly we had Startup hour with Jo Pope, an exceptional woman who taught us you don’t always have to know what  you’re doing but do it well. Her life story is testimony to that. Follow the link here to read the full review, and become a better entrepreneur.

That’s that but here’s to another week of tech watching.


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