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The New Samsung Galaxy S6 May Have 2 Models

The Note Edge
The Note Edge

Now that the hype over the Samsung Galaxy S5 has died down, we are getting reports of the new Galaxy S6 features.

Samsung may change from it’s characteristic plastic covers to metal. We already saw a little metal in the Galaxy ad Note families but now we may see them do a total rework of the phone line. That’s similar to what iPhone does with its line so maybe this is Samsung’s way of trying to get back the market share it lost to other smartphone makers towards the last quarter of last year, according to a survey by Gartner.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 will have two models, one having a screen on the edge, similar to what we saw in the Galaxy Note Edge. The edge screen will show notifications while you do other activities on the main screen, as seen in the Note Edge below:


There are also no features officially released about the phone but we expect it will run on the latest Android 5.0 Lollipop operating system, be much bigger at between 5.2 and 5.5 inches, have  and have a 20MP rear and 5MP front camera, from speculation in the tech circles.

Is this really the way for Samsung to go? The metallic finish is clearly an attempt at rivaling Apple’s iPhones. We can only tell when Samsung launches the Galaxy S6 if it has anything else that makes it better than what’s currently on the market.

The chances of this switch to phablets might drop the sale for sales in the Samsung camp because they now have a bunch of phones in the same phablet size range that may leave consumers confused about what exactly they are getting or what the differences are among them.

It may also give chance to other phone makers to sell cheaper, smaller sized phones obtain a greater market share because their competition is knocking itself out with the bigger, more expensive phablet models.

Business Insider reports that the Samsung Galaxy S6 will likely be shown at the Mobile World Congress in March this year.

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