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Yango Transforms Its App To Integrate And Enhance Ride-Hailing, Food And Parcel Delivery Services

Yango, an international tech company, is thrilled to announce the launch of its renowned app in Zambia. This development combines the power of ride-hailing, restaurant food ordering and parcel delivery into a single, seamless interface, making Yango the go-to destination for a wide array of essential digital city services.

Yango users in Zambia already can experience the ultimate convenience of accessing ride-hailing, restaurant food and package delivery — all within a unified platform. “We have been closely studying the way Zambians use Yango services and decided to take a few steps to make it more convenient for them” – says Yango Country Manager for Zambia Kabanda Chewe. – “Using the renewed interface of the Yango app you now can track the status of your orders without having to switch between services which is a significant enhancement. Moreover, ss Yango aims to introduce more digital city services in the near future, a unified interface will serve as a tool for a seamless experience for all of Zambian people. What we need here is a less generic product, which we see how people in Zambia use and we meet them halfway to make it more convenient and without unnecessary movements.”

In the renewed Yango app, all available services are reflected on the main screen as large icons. When switching to ride-hailing, food and parcel delivery services, the app will take the user to the usual screens for placing orders. The upgrade of Yango brings to life a multi-scenario, where if one places orders in several services simultaneously, all of them will be reflected on the main screen of the application, providing for a seamless experience of using Yango’s line of digital services. This approach will make it easier to interact with the application, as well as place orders and navigate them.

Yango users can now enjoy the following services seamlessly through the new app:

Ride-Hailing: Effortlessly book rides to travel around the city with Yango’s reliable and efficient ride-hailing service.

Parcel Delivery: Send and receive packages with ease, utilizing Yango partners’ motorized vehicles, as well as cars and vans to ship packages of various dimensions and weights, be it for moving to a new apartment or sending a gift to a friend.

Food Delivery: Browse a diverse range of local restaurants, cuisines and retail shops, and order your favorite meals directly through the Yango app without stepping out of home or office. Evolution of the Yango app brings a streamlining user experience as starting from December Yango Deli will be exclusively presented in the Yango app, allowing users to save space on their smartphones.

The service remains the same and committed to make ready-made food delivery convenient and fast whilst providing restaurants with the easiest way to find customers and couriers with orders. 

Yango company remains committed to providing innovative solutions that enhance the daily lives of users. By consolidating these essential services into a single, user-friendly interface, Yango aims to set new standards for convenience and efficiency in Zambia’s rapidly evolving digital landscape.

The updated version of the application is already available for most of the users both on Android and iOS platforms. For all of the others it will be automatically available in the coming days.


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