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Paratus Telecom now certifies Molex network installers

Paratus Telecom Zambia has launched an intensive training course for staff to ‘futureproof’ customers networking infrastructure. This new initiative, in partnership with Namibian firm DB Space, is aimed at equipping employees with the skills needed to meet the challenges of the fast-evolving technological world.
The certification will enable staff to service customers better by ensuring that their local area network (LAN) does not limit communication.

Paratus country manager Marius van Vuuren says substandard cable, connectors, patch panels and patch cords, combined with poor installations, dramatically reduces productivity. “More importantly, poorly configured local area networks and poor Internet service delivery in Zambia adds to the frustration of customers.”
The Molex cabling installed by any of ten Paratus Certified Molex Network Installers, provides a 25-year warranty on the products and installation. To ensure maximum efficiency for its customers, Paratus supplies state-of-the-art category 6/6A/7 LAN cable and accessories that meet International standards.

Paratus Telecom is one of the first internet service providers in the country to extend its service portfolio to LAN cabling. This move is the latest value added service for the company, which has won industry recognition as a trendsetter in delivering exceptional connectivity services and value added solutions across a range of industry sectors.

Van Vuuren says the company’s track record of results and successes can largely be attributed to its investment in its workforce and cutting edge technology. “The partnership enables us to provide quality networks that enhance the efficiencies and communication within organisations.”

Connectivity is a value-driven industry and when combined with the latest physical infrastructure, the need for specialised and skilled labour force is integral to the development and success of the industry.

“Paratus has a range of engineers from LAN and WAN installers, 1st and 2nd Level NOC engineers and specialized core engineers with Cisco CCNA/CCNP certifications. It is vital that all engineers understand the fundamentals of cabling and assist with installations. If the cabling is not done correctly, one will not have a quality futureproof network and that is why we certified a cross sector of our engineers,” says van Vuuren.

Paratus Telecom’s investment in the training of employees in various areas of expertise is one way in which it empowers employees to become professionals in cutting-edge technology and service delivery.

“When you construct a brand new building, you need to make proper provision for LAN cabling. Also when you install the network, you should use the latest possible technology available to ensure the network is futureproof. Whilst the building is still in the construction phase, provisions need to be made to do proper cabling and that’s one of the aspects that is often neglected, since the architects and consulting engineers do not plan for this additional cost,” he explains.

Paratus can assist customers in terms of planning and ensure the necessary provisions are made during the construction phase of buildings including malls, office blocks and residential properties.

As a talent-led organisation, Paratus Telecom Zambia aims to develop the critical skills needed to make market-relevant interventions and provide the enhanced, highly specialised skills needed to serve its business clients.
As the world has become increasingly digital and more interconnected, the training of employees is an important step for the company in order to meet tomorrow’s business needs.

As a partner of Paratus Telecom, DB Space ensures that customers remaining on the edge of technology in terms of network deployments.

“The network is your foundation of the good system, so when you build your system on a good backbone, then of course your company can be more productive and focus on its business,” said DB Space trainer Philip Galliano.

“We believe that out of this training, Paratus will be more flexible to deliver the best solutions to its business clients in order to remain a leading internet company in Zambia,” concludes Galliano.

Source: Langmead & Baker

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