Airtel Awards Second 1Bo Promotion Car Winner


Airtel just awarded its second car winner in the 1Bo promotion it’s currently running, driving to Kitwe to present the brand new Hyundai Xcent car to Ian Chiwala pictured above with Kitwe Mayor Mr Kelvin Sinyangwe on the left and Airtel’s Marketing Director (Zambia) Mr Sekou Barry on the right. That leaves only one car left for subscribers to win.

Speaking at the handover ceremony, Kitwe Mayor Kelvin Sinyangwe said, “We are all partners in national development, be it from the private sector, NGO or indeed even the government.  The partnerships will help create a foundation of a happy society where people will have economic freedom as many of our residents live a life of uncertainity because they lack the basic needs.  I know that having assets like a vehicle helps build confidence in any human being who will in turn have confidence to participate in economic development activities.”

Second 1Bo winner, Ian Chiwala, testing his new wheels

This is true in terms of the doors it opens up to people who were not able to afford assets like vehicles. The possibilities that a car gives to people are immense, if used wisely. We hope Mr Chiwala and the other winners realize that.

With initiatives that give back as part of every major firm’s corporate social responsibility, we stand and applaud this one for having been fair, as far as we know.

At the same event Airtel Marketing director Barry Sekou stated that “Over the years of business in Zambia we have given back millions of Kwacha to the community through our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives.  CSR initiatives are directed to the youths through school adoptions and refurbishment, orphanage adoption, health and the Airtel Rising Stars.  As Airtel we are investing locally and internationally to ensure that our customers enjoy world class services.” 

We’re not too sure about the ‘world class service’  but they’re doing ‘ok’ with CSRs for now.


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