Airtel’s First 4G/LTE Connection Activated in Seychelles


Whilst we’re still on our knees begging for 4G/LTE internet connectivity, Seychelles gets it first in Africa on the Airtel network. Launched just a few days ago, the mobile operator has upgraded that country although initially only 10, 000 subscribers will have access to it and then they will let everybody get it. Think about it. Those guys will have the fastest internet speeds, a better browsing experience overall, while we stay strung along on what they call “3.75G” like that’s a thing.

According to IT News Africa, at the launch , Christian de Faria, who is Airtel Africa’s CEO said, “…the launch is a major milestone for Seychelles and Airtel in Africa. We already have Africa’s widest 3G footprint, being present in 17 countries. We are delighted to now provide leadership in setting the technology standard for 4G services in Africa by rolling out this cutting edge LTE network. I would like to thank the team involved in helping fulfill this achievement.”


When will Zambia get hooked up to 4G/LTE on the Airtel network too? Well, a few months back, we were given the assurance that it would come to be by the end of this year after planning on spending $80m towards that, but this is the first day of the last month of this year. They expanded their network coverage by erecting more towers but we’re still yet to even have a taste of what a 4G/LTE life is like, unless you’re on the MTN or Zamtel networks that already provide it.

Also, we hope that the general service will just improve, 4G or not, and that the mobile operator also spreads to the far corners of the country. Yes, it takes money and time, both of which customers have given, don’t you agree?

As usual we just hope for the best, and exercise patience and restraint. It will come to pass, eventually.

 Image Credits: Airtel Africa, Verizon


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