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Windows 10 Preview Now Has Word, Excel and Powerpoint Apps


Following the official launch of the Windows 10 preview operating system, Microsoft has now added Word, Excel and Powerpoint to the apps running on build, according to their blog. You can access them if you’re running the preview by searching for the apps in the Windows store beta.

Here’s a brief recap of what Windows is expected to have, from a previous article we wrote:

  • It will run on a wider variety of devices such as laptops, desktops, phablets, tablets, and smartphones, and you can update applications on one device and they will be updated on your other devices which are also running on Windows 10.
  • Windows 10 will now be even more sensitive to what type of device you’re using. TileWord will still be there for touchscreen devices, but the regular Windows interface will be available for keyboard-and-mouse supported PCs or devices. In a demonstration Microsoft showed that even a gadget with both options, like the Surface tablet, could switch between the two if a keyboard was attached and when detached.
  • The ‘Search‘ button will allow you to get suggestions even from the web, not just the computer.
  • The ‘Task view‘ bar will enable you to open all the screens you have running as little screens on the main one.

It was reported that there were over 450000 users using the Windows 10 preview build as of so it seems a lot of Windows users are excited about it.

Windows 10 may also run a new browser called Spartan that may be an alternative to the characteristic (and super slow) Internet Explorer browser.  There is also a digital assistant called Cortana that will come with the full version of Windows 10 once rolled out by Microsoft. Read more here.

If you have the build preview for Windows 10, remember to get the Word, Excel and PowerPoint apps by clicking on the grey tile.


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