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Smart Solar To Accelerate Global Energy Transition

As its smart solar solutions continue to break new grounds in Africa and beyond, Huawei has observed that solar continues to play a critical role in ensuring global carbon neutrality. Speaking recently during the 2023 Fusion Solar Show in Johannesburg, South Africa, Huawei President for Sub-Saharan Africa, Leo Chen (pictured above) said energy security and commercial value are driving the rapid development of a new international energy industry.

Mr. Chen explained that increased power shortages and the rise of energy prices is a matter of urgency for Africa’s transition to sustainable energy solutions. He added that Huawei remains committed to be part of Africa’s solutions to these challenges and that partnerships can form a unique advantage for African countries.

“With a heavy investment in R&D, we’ve developed the most comprehensive set of technologies in ICT, and this forms our unique advantage. Integrating power electronics and digital technologies, thermal management, power storage, cloud and artificial intelligence can enable traditional solar energy industry to be more efficient and more intelligent” Mr. Chen said.

And speaking in Lusaka today, Huawei Managing Director Bette Chen revealed that Huawei’s solar solutions have achieved an impressive carbon footprint globally and that Huawei looks forward to rolling out the solutions in Zambia in the near future.

Bette Chen – Huawei Managing Director.

“The 8th national development plan seeks to transform Zambia into a middle prosperous country by 2030 and we believe smart energy solutions can expedite that vision. We are looking forward to doing the most in Zambia’s energy sector in the near future and we are open to partnerships. We can provide these to utility large-scale plants, energy storage facilities, residential rooftops, data centres and even smart microgrids in rural areas,” Ms. Chen said.

Ms. Chen expressed Huawei’s commitment to Africa; “Working with various partners, “over the past two decades, Huawei has brought ubiquitous connectivity to Africa. In the next two decades, Huawei is aiming to bring ubiquitous green power to Zambia and the entire continent, ” she said.

By the end of 2022, Huawei Digital Power has helped our customers to offset 340 million tons of CO2 emissions, roughly the same as planting 470 million trees. Industry leaders and experts recently gathered in Johannesburg to share industry trends and insights and presented innovative solutions and best practices which will contribute to the development of the industry on the continent.

Source: Huawei Zambia