Vodafone Zambia; Some questions answered


The TechTrends inbox is filled with all sorts of questions around Vodafone Zambia and the For G promotion. We have emailed them for answers and comments but here is what we do know. The list of questions and answers are for those users not in the beta trial group.

  • What does Vodafone Zambia offer?
    • Vodafone Zambia is a data provider; think of your normal ISPs – Microlink, iConnect and Paratus. Vodafone Zambia do not offer voice.
  • Will I be able to get rid of my MTN/Airtel/Zamtel sim?
    • No, you need it for your traditional (GSM) voice needs. You can migrate your data requirements to Vodafone Zambia. Voice enabled messaging apps will work.
  • Where can I find them?
    • The locations we are aware of are at higher learning institutions and East Park
  • I have registered for the ‘For G’ promotion when can I pick up my device?
    • No dates have been publicised by Vodafone.
Vodafone Invitation
Vodafone Invitation
  • I have registered for the ‘For G’ promotion where can I pick up my starter pack?
    • I do not know where you will be directed to pick up your starter pack.
  • There is a sim, can I place it in my handset?
    • No. The sim card is used by the network to authenticate the device on the network and cannot be used to make calls (though in all honesty that is the job of the handset).
  • Will I get coverage in my area?
    • They are still rolling out their network. Currently, the coverage is limited.

6 thoughts on “Vodafone Zambia; Some questions answered

  • I want to find if at any time soon you may need companies to get bulk data from you and in turn offer it to other clients

    • Hi – will pass your question onto Vodafone

  • Eustars hamonga

    Are your sim cards available?

    • Hi, at the moment they selling as a bundle with a device. We have tested removing the sim and inserting into a phone and it worked for us (no voice though).

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  • prosper chileshe

    I want Vodafone simcard

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