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Hollard Insurance Zambia creates connected customer experiences through Infobip’s robust cloud-based contact center solution via WhatsApp

Infobip, the global cloud communications company enabling businesses to build connected customer experiences across all stages of the customer journey at scale, has implemented a WhatsApp Business API solution for Hollard Insurance Zambia Limited (Hollard Insurance), a short-term insurance provider focused on improving customer engagement in the region.

The implementation includes ‘Answers’, Infobip’s chatbot solution and is supported by its newly launched offering, ‘Conversations’, a cloud-based contact centre solution. This, according to Siani Malama, Head of Business Development at Hollard Insurance, is the first implementation of Infobip’s latest offering for the Southern African Development Community (SADC).

The implementation will serve as an example for the entire SADC region of what can be done if organisations utilise these solutions in the right way, and how it can redefine the Customer Experience (CX).

Infobip Senior Sales Manager, Andre Joubert, further explains, “In SADC, Hollard Insurance Zambia is the first client to utilise Conversations in conjunction with Answers which enables it to deliver seamless support to its customers. The solution also offers the ability for Hollard Insurance to build, test and deploy Artificial Intelligence (AI) and keyword-based chatbots. These chatbots are managed via Conversations, leaving Hollard’s agents with more time to focus on resolving complex queries in addition to monitoring all interactions exchanged between bot and customer in real-time.”

Malama adds that the company prides itself on being inclusive and accessible, and is excited to be the first insurer in the Zambian market to offer its 20 000-strong customer base the ability to communicate with it over WhatsApp.

“We want to be a trendsetter and use digital solutions to put our customer first. We are very excited about the Infobip offering, as it allows us to communicate frequently and transact with customers over their preferred channel, from the comfort of their home or office. This is our way of enabling more people to create and secure a better future,” says Malama.

The solution will not only enhance CX but will also reduce administrative costs for Hollard Insurance in the long-term by eliminating some manual processes. Customers will have remote access to instantaneous customer care and a platform to manage their motor and home insurance at their convenience.

Malama continues, “Some of our functions, such as policies and policy schedules can now be completed digitally and therefore will no longer need to be printed. Here, the solution will enable us to send documentation via WhatsApp which will drive down administrative costs and increase customer convenience.”

Apart from currently providing customers with the ability to engage with the company on a self-service platform for FAQs and other conversations through the chatbot, Hollard Insurance is considering adding additional functionality to the platform in a phased approach.

“We are looking to introduce a sales channel where a customer can purchase motor and home insurance products from the comfort of their home via WhatsApp. This would be an end-to-end process from purchasing all the way through to payment. It will not happen overnight but is part of our digital roadmap for the future,” Malama concludes.

Source: Evolution PR