Nyamuka Zambia’s 60 business competition semi-finalists for 2016

Image Credit: Nyamuka Zambia
Image Credit: Nyamuka Zambia

Nyamuka Zambia business competition semi-finalists are in and have been announced on the Nyamuka Facebook page:

A111700 Kapapa Mazuba
A115156 Muliwana Ngenda
A118075 Banda Antwine
A111714 Kabamba Musonda
A115237 Kazenene Julie
A118359 Nyirongo Dennis
A111781 Konie Kebby
A115238 Jere Joshua
A118622 Gondwe Temwaninge
A111820 Lungu Chimika
A115310 Sinyangwe Godwin
A118623 Steele Michael
A111851 Chihunga Andrew
A115436 Shakumbila Geoffrey
A118684 Similimo Markstone
A114048 Nonde Chisanga
A116084 Mwape Sabe
A118701 Chiluba Musanshi
A114057 Banda Julius
A116222 Kasongo Emmanuel
A118795 Banda Papias
A114074 Munjita Samuel
A116223 Kamweneshe Bernard
A118806 Kabwe Edward
A114104 Shawa Deborah
A116295 Nawa Peter
A118819 Wamunyima Austin
A114114 Milongo Emmanuel
A117078 Mukela Liswaniso
A118821 Miselo Isaac
A114144 Nguvu Andrew
A117153 Mkandawire Wezi
A118835 Shitambuli Ipini
A114202 Sandala Mark
A117188 Bhika Ali
A226204 Chipipa Allen
A114242 Mwansa Peter
A117345 Mwenchanya Chenge
A335350 Kaite Bridget
A114274 Kapito Godfrey
A117360 Malama Susan
A336745 Chihili James
A114814 Kangende Vuka
A117368 Lilanda Silvia
A337233 Chikontwe Michael
A114830 Nyangu John
A117369 Sosala Edith
A337763 Soneka Nasson
A114902 Chikunga Ushiwa
A117919 Mumba Daliso
AXX5005 Munthali Nyamwaya
A115006 Banda Shawn
A117921 Stumbeko Lungowe
AXX5130 Silwawa Musenga
A115038 Shula Kampamba
A117963 Kayama Imanga
AXX7036 Kasemuka Obert
A115127 Daka Thandiwe
A117968 Mukuka Mwamba
AXX7158 Lukama Lieto

These finalists will attend a graduation ceremony and thereafter make pitches fo their business ideas to an expert panel.

What’s next for the Nyamuka Zambia semi-finalists?

According to Nyamuka Zambia“For the 20 successful participants of who get through to the final round, the culmination of the Nyamuka Zambia business plan competition is the 3 minutes they have to pitch their business idea to the Bench, a group of judges who are leading Zambian captains of industry and finance.  Standing in front of such knowledgeable people could be daunting but this experience gives the entrepreneurs a chance to demonstrate their business idea and what they could achieve in the future.

Every entrepreneur who gets through to this challenging final round is guaranteed a prize of at least K75,000 but there are five enhanced prizes with a top prize of K250,000.  Having heard the presentations from each of the 20 budding entrepreneurs, the Bench deliberate and select the five business plans which will win one of the top five prizes.

The whole exciting process is filmed for a TV series and the programmes are aired at the end of the Nyamuka Zambia season.”

We can’t wait to see what the top 20 innovations are! For more details about the competition and how it works as well as the next application round, visit www.nyamukazambia.com or call them up on 5066.


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