TechTrends Sold!

Techtrends Sold
Techtrends Sold

With a growing audience, Techtrends became an attractive online portal for other Zambian media outlets. A leading online Zambian publication with a large following and deep financial pockets approached TechTrends to buy it. With the capital injection from the online publication we will see an increase in the quality of articles on Techtrends.

The property has been on the market for a few months now with various suitors. The sale was not only based on the financial merit of the suitor. The other primary factors included extensive coverage, depth of articles, insight and impeccable journalism. Once all the factors were laid out against the competing bids only one stood out. With the resources from the new owner we expect the Techtrends brand to grow. The brands will initially continue to operate as separate identities with a brand merger planned in 2018.

To our loyal readers thank you for your readership. Stay with us on this next exciting phase of our growth!

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  • Who bought tech trends?

  • This will stand out as a memorable date in Zambia’s techno history!

  • Wow! I hope the new owners take tech trends to the new heights it deserves

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