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WhatsApp; you can now emphasise text


WhatsApp now allows you to emphasise text.

The new WhatsApp update allows us to stress our points and even get a little sarcastic when the need arises. The new text formatting allows for italic, strikethrough and bold text. Users who have WhatApp installed will automatically get version 2.12.17 for iOS and 2.12.535 for Android to start using the new features. Windows and Blackberry users may never get the ability to emphasis.

Using the text emphasis menu will requires some work because there are no buttons to instantly apply it. Here is a quick how to:


To bold text, the user must add an asterisk (the * symbol) before and after the word(s).
Bold Example: Where is my *money* ?


To italicise text, the user must put an underscore (the _ symbol) before and after the word(s)
Italics Example: Where is my _money_?


To strike through text, put a tilde (the ~ symbol) before and after the word (s)
Italics Example: Where is my _money_?

WhatsApp with Contextual text
WhatsApp with Contextual text

You can use any combination of symbols to create dual emphasis, for example, _*money*_ will be italicised and bold.

Progress is welcome but the implementation is clunky. It does suit the more technically astute user, but the average user swiping away it is not easily accessible.

Image Source: The Telegraph


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  • I like this idea

  • is this a fools day joke?

  • We need more of that of development , whatsapp diversities,, here we go

  • it works on bb z10

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