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Instagram Launches Layout, Which Is Just Like Photo Grid *yawn*

Image Source: Epilepsyu

Every Instagram user knows the best collage and special effects app for their photos before posting them is Photo Grid at the moment.

Instagram noticed how almost everyone is creating collages or adding their own little effects to the pictures they put up on Instagram itself, and decided to jump in on the third-party action to launch the Layout app yesterday.

The Layout app allows users to make a collage of up to 9 photos, it has a ‘Faces’ feature that allows users to only see pictures in their gallery that have faces in them (though this is still a tad inaccurate).

It also has a ‘Photo Booth’ feature, similar to Photo Grid’s Film Strip features, that allows you to time photos that will be taken in sequence.

Are we excited? Hardly. Firstly, the Layout app is only currently available for iOS 7 or later. It is a standalone app meaning we might as well stick to Photo Grid. If the features were incorporated into Instagram itself, maybe our jaws would have dropped, but for now, we’re not the slightest bit moved.

There are also too many apps that offer the same features, which doesn’t seem to make Layout anything new, and the other apps also have a sharing option to Instagram.

Why the need to create the app in the first place? Guess they’re just jumping on the bandwagon because they can.

Zambia is not a largely Apple consumer compared to Android, so the app is not going to be big for a while here until Instagram releases an Android version of it, if people decide to even dump Photo Grid, or other collage making apps, at all.

If you do have an iDevice and are interested in downloading Layout anyway, get it here.


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