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Press Release: Vodafone extends partner market agreement with Afrimax to Zambia


Vodafone and Afrimax Group (“Afrimax”) – a 4G telecommunications operator in sub-Saharan Africa – today jointly announced a new Partner Market agreement for Zambia.

Under the non-equity agreement, the two companies will offer customers high speed 4G data services using the ‘Vodafone Zambia’ brand, with market-leading customer services and delivered over a high quality network.

The roll out of Vodafone Zambia for consumers and businesses will include the opening of Vodafone branded retail stores and kiosks in key locations, bolstered by a network of distributors and resellers and offering a full range of 4G handsets and devices.

Vodafone Zambia will offer businesses of all sizes a range of connectivity products at retail and through direct sales channels, including 4G and Wi-Fi mobile data services, fixed internet and a suite of office solutions.

Vodafone Partner Markets Chief Executive Stefano Gastaut said: “We are delighted that Zambia will be joining the Vodafone Partner Market community as the next stage in our agreement with Afrimax for sub-Saharan Africa. We look forward to bringing the best high-speed 4G data services to consumers and businesses in Zambia.”

Lars Stork has been appointed by Afrimax as Chief Executive Officer of Vodafone Zambia, which will be headquartered in Lusaka. Afrimax Group Management Peter Langkilde, CEO and Rob Philpott, CFO commented:

“Launching Vodafone Zambia is an exciting development for Afrimax and another big step towards our ambition of building the leading LTE focused operator in sub-Saharan Africa.”

The launch in Zambia builds further on the framework agreement between Vodafone and Afrimax, announced in November 2014, to co-operate and explore potential Partner Market opportunities in a variety of territories in sub-Saharan Africa. As part of the agreement, Vodafone and Afrimax have already partnered to launch 4G services in Uganda.

Source: Vodafone

8 thoughts on “Press Release: Vodafone extends partner market agreement with Afrimax to Zambia

  • before we all get excited, are they also offering legacy services like 2g and 3g besides the 4g LTE and how wide is there coverage? Because not all people stay in Lusaka and what are there packages like(hope they are nothing like the ones we already have) and what are the speeds plus when and where should i get my sim card in case i need to join them plus when does there network go live

    • Hi, for now they will be offering 4G/LTE only. No legacy services will be available. Trust me as soon as we know their coverage, we will be the first to break the news!

  • alright, i’ll be looking forward to more news from you and hope there 4g lte devices are affordable

  • Educated Villager

    I’ll sit this one out for a while until consumer sentiment directs me to do it. Staying with MTN, they’re not my best option but I’ll keep it yello until I have enough conviction to jump ship. Easy to get carried away with the bells and whistles but I’ve come to be more discerning in my choices these days.

  • These guys are nt xplenin hw u claim fr pre registration…HOW!!

  • where is their branch in kitwe?

  • Mulonda Singongi

    Do you guys have a contact number?

  • their data bundles are to high, the zamtel 1GB for 30 days is worthwhile than 1GB for 7 days. Am giving out my wifi and sim i bought from them, network sometimes dropping I wonder what kind of 4G it is.

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