Total “Startupper of the Year” 2016 winners announced


On Friday night, Total hosted the final awards ceremony of their “Startupper of the Year” challenge at Intercontinental Hotel in Lusaka.

There were 3 finalists who had been selected to the last round and all that was left was for them to find out who was getting one of 3 prizes valued at K390000.

34 countries who are Total affiliates launched this challenge with 6642 applications. In Zambia Total launched this challenge to help young startups to celebrate over 65 years of doing business in the country.  Total Zambia Managing Director Damien Ricour-Dumas said

“This initiative supports projects that are dealing with the challenges in the community.  Entrepreneurs are problem solvers and the Startupper challenge asks members of the public to show us how their business can make a difference in the community. Total has chosen three innovative projects from the numerous submissions received that we believe will inspire, create, invest, hire and produce in order to transform our communities.”

10 startups were chosen and then cut to down to 3 finalists and ultimate winners being:

  • 3rd place:  Andrew Musona with Project Fish winning K80,000
  • 2nd place: Mwila Lwando, with a Project Live Clean initiative winning K120,000
  • 1st place: Andrew Nguvu, with Project Kasumbi Poultry winning K190,000

You can see all the winners from all these countries here.


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